Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Just tried to upload my storyboard onto the blog and it wasn't working. I then found out that you can only upload videos under 100MB when ours is 109MB. Take note, fellow class members! Back to the editing process I go.

Filming Progress!

Filming is going pretty well, we have recorded the majority of our music video and I'm pleased with the outcome of the shots, all the planning has paid off! Typical that the only day we booked the CLC after 4 month of trying to get it, the boiler breaks so school was closed. Eventually got it re-booked for this Monday so we can get in the studio and get cracking with the mimicking of The Kill. Cannot wait!

Copyright, Take 2!

After sending HMV an e-mail requesting permission to use their logo and not receiving a reply from them, I thought that my group would have to find another distributor's logo to use. However, as long as I have proof that I requested their permission, I can still go ahead with using it!

Since the song my group is using is 'The Kill (Bury Me)' by '30 Seconds To Mars', I will have to do the same procedure as the HMV scenario. At the present moment in time, 30 Seconds To Mars are close to going on a hiatus just after setting a record for the longest world tour in history, so e-mailing them wouldn't be the quickest option so I have to contact their record label 'EMI'. Here is the e-mail I sent them;