Monday, 12 December 2011

Filming planning!

Since our first drafts of our ancillary tasks our complete, the main focus is now our Music video. This morning, I decided to go and take pictures for possible location ideas, here they are;

These locations all give a rather eerie feeling which will fit with our narrative structure a lot more. We'll be making our storyboard soon so we'll be thinking more into other locations!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Ancillary task - Digipak

Since we are doing the music video task, we have to create a Digipak and a music poster for our band. I have started doing the Digipak so I will upload each photo step by step.

Step 1

I had decided to use this picture as the back cover for the digipak as I think it is very striking. The space on the left creates a perfect space for the credits for the songs. The name of our band is "Lyrical Criticism", 

Step 2

I really like the image I have used for the front cover. Since we are staring right into the lens of the camera, it catches the audiences eye as we are staring right out.

Step 3

I added a black border to the whole of the album as basically, it makes it look more professional than having a cut off image, I have added song titles to the top right corner of the CD to add more typical conventions of having song names on the back.

Step 4 (Finished)

This is my finished front and back cover for my ancillary task. I have added two more song names as many single's always add a few songs that they are hoping to release in the near future. I have added the rights and music company on the bottom to make it more realistic. I have also included a review from a music magazine.

Inside the Digipak

The inside of the digipak generally consists of an image of the band and some form of print on the CD. So knowing these conventions, I used them to create the inside of my digipak. 

Step 1

I like the layout of the inside, it is simple but also very effective. The simplest next step was to put some text on the CD to go along with typical conventions, here is my finished inner digipak;

Step 2

The text on the CD basically brings the whole thing together. I have put the song titles on the CD and also the credits to Sony on the CD. I have tried to get the sense of realism in it as real CD's consist of these conventions. I am really pleased with my finished ancillary tasks.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Ancillary task - Music poster

The music poster felt a lot smoother to make, this is probably due to past experience making front covers of magazines at AS and for Extended Project. A music poster has a few conventions such as the company name, band name, band photo and the terms and conditions. I have decided to use a full band picture for the poster as it involves all of the band for the audience to see them all. We took the picture by using a technique that I had came across whilst taking some by myself a few weeks back. We took the image by hanging it from a branch of a tree with time on. Here is the first step.

Step 1

I think the picture is of a high quality and it looks like a great poster picture as all 3 of us are in the picture and we're looking straight into the lens which on the poster will look like we're all looking out to the audience. I had placed a few conventions on the first draft so could gather an idea of what it could look like. 

Step 2

I have done the same with what I had done on my digi-pak; putting a black border around the whole image. I marked out where I was wanting to put the other conventions to see if my image still looked at a high enough standard at that not too much would be covering the band.

Step 3

I have added the band title, album cover image and a release date. I have also made it clear that it is a HMV exclusive as stated under the band name and under the release date for my album. On many band posters however, they usually have quotations from the band or a new song or even a magazine, so I added that to my final copy.

Step 4

This is my final finished poster. The quotations bring the poster together and it doesn't seem so bare now. I changed the colour of the name to just plain white with a black text shadow so A) it stands out a bit more opposed to just white text, and B) so it fits in more with my colour scheme, Since HMV's logo is pink/purple, I've had to merge that into my colour scheme so i've used it underlying my white text to fit in with the colour scheme. 

Friday, 2 December 2011


Before we make our HMV advertisement poster, we need to send an e-mail requesting permission to use their logo to comply with the copyrights act. Here is the e-mail I sent, eagerly awaiting the apply!