Monday, 5 December 2011

Ancillary task - Music poster

The music poster felt a lot smoother to make, this is probably due to past experience making front covers of magazines at AS and for Extended Project. A music poster has a few conventions such as the company name, band name, band photo and the terms and conditions. I have decided to use a full band picture for the poster as it involves all of the band for the audience to see them all. We took the picture by using a technique that I had came across whilst taking some by myself a few weeks back. We took the image by hanging it from a branch of a tree with time on. Here is the first step.

Step 1

I think the picture is of a high quality and it looks like a great poster picture as all 3 of us are in the picture and we're looking straight into the lens which on the poster will look like we're all looking out to the audience. I had placed a few conventions on the first draft so could gather an idea of what it could look like. 

Step 2

I have done the same with what I had done on my digi-pak; putting a black border around the whole image. I marked out where I was wanting to put the other conventions to see if my image still looked at a high enough standard at that not too much would be covering the band.

Step 3

I have added the band title, album cover image and a release date. I have also made it clear that it is a HMV exclusive as stated under the band name and under the release date for my album. On many band posters however, they usually have quotations from the band or a new song or even a magazine, so I added that to my final copy.

Step 4

This is my final finished poster. The quotations bring the poster together and it doesn't seem so bare now. I changed the colour of the name to just plain white with a black text shadow so A) it stands out a bit more opposed to just white text, and B) so it fits in more with my colour scheme, Since HMV's logo is pink/purple, I've had to merge that into my colour scheme so i've used it underlying my white text to fit in with the colour scheme. 

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