Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ancillary Task - Finished!

After finishing the first draft of my Ancillary tasks, I received feedback from a few people saying the image on the front cover didn't really fit with the genre I was aiming for. Also, one of my friends couldn't carry on with the recording due to his school work which is completely understandable. So, with the constructive criticism in mind and the new person, it'd be a lot easier to take new photo's because ideas to portray the genre was fresh in my mind. 


This is my changed Digipak. As you can see, the image on the front has changed and I've tried to link it with out video. The image connotes the boy looking over the landscape at the area he lives in. This denotes to the boy being isolated; he feels distant from the rest so to speak. In our video, the boy ends up mentally snapping and kills his friends so I believe this image creates that sense of isolation from the character. I have also put a white shadow around the text of the song names. This makes the song names a lot more visible and easier to read as my previous titles seemed to fade in with the branches on the tree. 

Inside The Digipak

The inside of the Digipak was actually alright first time around but my friend dropped out of the project so we needed to take a new photo. I added a message at the bottom thanking everyone part of the project to make it seem a lot more realistic; completing the typical conventions.

HMV Poster

Once again, my previous HMV poster was deemed as good but I had to change the picture and also the small image of the Digipak. Once again, I have included quotes from the band and also 'NME'. I've kept the colour scheme simple so it links with the 'HMV' logo; Black, pink and white. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the changes I made. I can see that the products I have produced now were better than my last attempt and I believe that the indie/rock genre is a lot more prominent than previously.  

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


We have finally finished all of our filming, the quality and range of the shots are brilliant and I'm really pleased with all of the goods we have! Here is a picture of us filming my favourite sequence in the video!

(It isn't giving me the option to rotate the picture but it's still good!)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Intro to our music video!

This is the first 30 seconds to our music video! We have nearly every shot we need to fully edit, only two more left then we can finish the full product! Enjoy!