Monday, 24 October 2011

Plans for my Ancillary Tasks!

Before designing my Ancillary tasks, I have decided to make a plan for them to make it easier during the production, here they are!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Analysis of Existing Products

Since I am doing the music video project, my task is to analysis existing products (Digipaks and advert posters). Doing this will increase my knowledge on how I have to go about making the ancillary tasks and it will also be helpful on comparing my product against these existing ones.

This is the album cover for "Fall Out Boy - Believers Never Die Greatest Hits". The image on the album cover is very significant as this album was made to signify the end of Fall Out Boy. The skeletons lying next to each other connote an ending, death. They denote to being in the past. The way they are holding on looks like they were aiming to portray that they'll never be forgotten or holding on for a comeback. However, the name of the album "Believers Never Die" could suggest that the skeletons were not believers perhaps. Overall, it is a very effective front cover for an album to mark the end of an era.

This is the album cover for "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory". As the image shows, it is a soldier planting a flag into the ground. This usually denotes control, victory over something/someone. The name of the album, "Hybrid Theory" is the fusion of creative and communications, combining earned and paid media to enliven ideas, unite communities, amplify stories and spark desired outcomes. The album could be a statement towards the media saying that they've overcome them or it could be agreeing with them, fighting for their cause which could link with the soldier.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars

This is the song we will be using for our music video. This song has lots of different meanings due to the intense quality of videography in the music video. The video links to the film "Ths Shining", however the song lyrics portray reflecting on your inner self/self conscience and how he tries to overcome it. I will annotate the lyrics to get a better understanding of the film.

The Kill – 30 Seconds To Mars – Lyric Interpretation

To get better understanding of the song, I will interpret the lyrics so I can find a better meaning to help build a storyboard for a more effective video. This will help me in creating a music video the best of my capability.

Jared Leto actually said this song is about your relationship with yourself, and how different sides of you can compete to make you who you really are. And eventually one side will win, and make you who you are. This is what swayed me into thinking about a horror music video because you can portray a lot with music and moving images combined without any speech needed because the lyrics say what is necessary.

The interpretation I have is that this song is about him and mainly his past, it’s a split personality song where one talks to himself. The main theme for this album is about a past being forgotten and with "The Kill" in the album you can't fully understand the song unless you hear their whole album it’s a message their sending of a new start with struggles. However you can pick up on a general meaning of the song and I will shortly summarise here. “The Kill” is one of the struggles of it with the man vs. man-kind theory. He is singing a song with his conscience.

"What if I wanted to break? Laugh it all off in your face, what would you do?"

All the other verses in this song is his negative conscience asking him the “what if..” as in if he did something differently, what would have happened? The chorus is his response to his conscience.

“I tried to be someone else but nothing seemed to change. But nothing seemed to change, I know now; this is who I really am inside. Finally found myself, fighting for a chance. I know now, this is who I really am"

This whole verse is basically him arguing with his own conscience. You can tell he eventually overcomes it as he screams the last line. I am really happy with the song choice for the music video because the lyrics have so much meaning to them, it will be really challenging to make a narrative which is good enough to the keep up with the caliber of the song.
These are the results from our questionnaire. My partner in the group, Ryan Robinson has the orginal questionnaire and I have the results.

A-Level Project!

For our A-Level project, we have decided to make a music video using the song “The Kill” by “30 Seconds To Mars”. This song has been majorly recognised to the in-depth meaning of the music video which compliments this song. We were in debate whether to do a horror trailer or a music video basically because they are both as exciting as each other to do so we came to the conclusion that we’d make a somewhat horror music video.

Extended Project!

For my Extended Project, I decided to make a Media based project. I aimed to make an NME Icons magazine dedicated to the band "Fall Out Boy". Doing this project has been really enjoyable and I've enjoyed making it as my knowledge on the band has increased a lot. The even better side of me doing this project is that since making it, I've had the chance to speak to all four Fall Out Boy members since I mentioned the magazine I was creating dedicated to them. ALso, I have ahd requests from the Fall Out Boy Videographer to view it and also the Head Editor at NME, Tim Winchester asked if I was able to e-mail him my magazine. I'm glad that I decided to make a magazine now because for my A-Level project, we have to create ancillary tasks so it has kept my photoshop skills fresh in my mind.I have included my magazine in the post.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Prep Project!

This is the prep project which we are carrying on from. The aim of this project was for us to obviously get ready for our main stimulus. I thought this turned out really well and we decided on many brilliant ideas which we all contributed towards the video. Enjoy!