Monday, 17 October 2011

Extended Project!

For my Extended Project, I decided to make a Media based project. I aimed to make an NME Icons magazine dedicated to the band "Fall Out Boy". Doing this project has been really enjoyable and I've enjoyed making it as my knowledge on the band has increased a lot. The even better side of me doing this project is that since making it, I've had the chance to speak to all four Fall Out Boy members since I mentioned the magazine I was creating dedicated to them. ALso, I have ahd requests from the Fall Out Boy Videographer to view it and also the Head Editor at NME, Tim Winchester asked if I was able to e-mail him my magazine. I'm glad that I decided to make a magazine now because for my A-Level project, we have to create ancillary tasks so it has kept my photoshop skills fresh in my mind.I have included my magazine in the post.

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