Thursday, 20 October 2011

Analysis of Existing Products

Since I am doing the music video project, my task is to analysis existing products (Digipaks and advert posters). Doing this will increase my knowledge on how I have to go about making the ancillary tasks and it will also be helpful on comparing my product against these existing ones.

This is the album cover for "Fall Out Boy - Believers Never Die Greatest Hits". The image on the album cover is very significant as this album was made to signify the end of Fall Out Boy. The skeletons lying next to each other connote an ending, death. They denote to being in the past. The way they are holding on looks like they were aiming to portray that they'll never be forgotten or holding on for a comeback. However, the name of the album "Believers Never Die" could suggest that the skeletons were not believers perhaps. Overall, it is a very effective front cover for an album to mark the end of an era.

This is the album cover for "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory". As the image shows, it is a soldier planting a flag into the ground. This usually denotes control, victory over something/someone. The name of the album, "Hybrid Theory" is the fusion of creative and communications, combining earned and paid media to enliven ideas, unite communities, amplify stories and spark desired outcomes. The album could be a statement towards the media saying that they've overcome them or it could be agreeing with them, fighting for their cause which could link with the soldier.

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