Thursday, 13 January 2011

Media Project =)

We have been giving our task for the practical side of our Media coursework. We have to design and create a school magazine and to start this, we had to research the conventions of a front cover and a contents page;

Conventions of a front cover
- Big picture covering the majority of the front page.
- Bold titles which are eye catching.
- Subheadings
- Adverts/promotions
- Barcode
- Price
- Date
- Website
- Bright colour schemes
- Professional layout

Conventions of a contents page

- Brief overview of everything in the magazine
- Subheadings
- Page numbers
- Images
- Bright colour schemes
- Professional layout


We started taking pictures today to go towards our magazines. We wandered around the school for a while and started taking pictures of our friends revising to connote that all pupils work and that is what happens in our school everyday.

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