Thursday, 10 February 2011

Photoshoot for the school magazine =)

This post will cover what makes a good photograph. Good photography is critical for making any print successful for many reasons. For example, in magazines, if a sneaky shot of a celebrity with another partner is took, the media will automatically jump to conclusions and edit a string of photo's to make it look like it was constant confrontation between the two people when it may have been at different times in a night. For my magazine, i have took photo's and picked out some good, and some bad.

 Here is my first example of a good shot. This is a medium shot, to some extent a long shot. The story for this picture is "I couldnt of done it without the amazing teachers". This is about a pupil getting the grades to get a place in Oxford University and she is accepted. I thought this was a fantastic shot to use as the light brightens the picture up which makes the story and scenario a lot happier. I made Hazel and Olivia act naturally, as if they were just talking normally because i believe the best pictures are took when they arent posed.

Here is an example of a bad picture. The camera had rain drops on the lens making certain parts of the picture blury so we didn't capture the ful esence of the picture. The story linking with the picture is about the school renovation. It is meant to be happy as a new building and refurbishments are making progress, however the weather was bad with rain and clouds which connotes to misery.

The next picture is also brilliant in my eyes for numerous reasons. This picture captures the thought of the pupil as he is looking out of the window. The story that links with this is about this pupil winning a place in a professional tennis academy and to be entered into tournaments. The light shines against him which is brilliant as it connotes a bright future for him.

What is ideology?

Ideology is seen as a belief system in media. It is a set of ideas that string together to achieve certain goals and expectations. Every tendency has an explicit system of Ideology, it is how society see's things. Ideology in Media is how people see pictures or magazines and how we can analyse the thoughts of society to make things better.

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