Thursday, 10 February 2011

My school magazine development and final copy =)

This is the project we had started 3 weeks ago. I have achieved the goal of creating and finishing a front cover and a feature article of a possible school magazine. I made some changes along the way and i will talk through why i changed them.

This was my first orginal idea of the colour scheme for the front cover. I chose this colour scheme at first as it matched the school logo but when i tried it with the images, it didn't look professional with the gradient background so i changed it to this;

This is my final copy of the school magazine. The bold grey background makes the pictures and text stand out and it looks bolder. I added pictures to the front cover for the side stories so people who look at it know that it wont just be about one thing. I personally think that the finished copy is a lot more eye catching with the grey background.

I went through the same process for the contents page. This was the most time consuming out of the two pages as you have to think about the whole of the magazine even though you won't be creating the page. Here was the first plan of the contents page;

I was pretty close to choosen this background as i thought it brightened the page up. However, most magazines have the same colours as the front cover and having the gradient background of blue and white didn't fit the background of the front cover, so this is my final contents page;

Once again, I believe the dull backgrounds living up the pictures and text as it makes them bolder. Since it was a school magazine, I have not put the typical conventions in such as a barcode because you wouldn't expect the school to scan a magazine as they wouldnt be sold in supermarkets. If it was a professional magazine to be sold in supermarkets, I would put free offers in to attract the society, but it wouldn't be needed in a school magazine as it isn't made for a profit, it's made to inform.

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