Thursday, 10 February 2011

Questionaire for research to help my magazine =)

Here is a questionaire to help produce my magazine. It is important to find out what people prefer in a magazine as it can help the production of your own and you get the sense of realism in yours, as if you were making it professionally. Please feel free to fill one out by answering the questions in the comment box below!

Male or Female?

Male [  ]     Female [  ]

How old are you?


Do you have an interest in Music?

Yes [  ]    No [  ]

What type of magazines do you usually buy?


If you don't buy magazines, why?


How many times do you buy this certain magazine a month?

- Once? [  ]
- Twice? [  ]
- Three times? [  ]
- More? [  ]

What usually catches your eye the most on the front cover?


How much would you spend on a magazine at the most?

£1-£1.99 [  ]
£2-£2.99 [  ]
£3-£3.99 [  ]
£4-£4.99 [  ]
More? [  ]

What kind of artist/band would you prefer on the front cover?


Which 3 colours would you like to see on a magazine?


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