Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Music Magazine Project =)

For our new project, we have to create an original music magazine. I have decided to do an "Indy/Rock" magazine as it fits the music genre I like. My biggest rivals will be "NME" and "Kerrang!". since this is the case, i have decided to do look at the front covers, analyse them and look at what makes them professional magazines. I will use this research to help the creation of my magazine. Here is the front cover of "NME";

This will be like a style model for my front cover as the layout is brilliant. The big picture behind the text gives the audience a clear view of who it is about. The colour scheme runs throughout the front cover; Red, Black and White. The bold title is eye catching and there is no mis-understanding about who the front cover is about which is what i want people to realise on my front cover. It has all the other featured bands down the right hand side to show that there is a lot more to the magazine.

NME's rivals "Kerrang!" colour scheme is darker than NME's. "Kerrang!" also feature heavy metal artists such as 'Slipknot'. Their colours scheme is normally black, white and red. It is mostly black though, possibly links with the dark genre of musics. Here is their front cover featuring Biffy Clyro;

The conventions of “Kerrang!” tend to include more poster offers. This entices the audience to buy it as they get free posters of possibly their favourite band or a band they show an interest in. I would also use a picture like they have used as a medium shot is what is needed for our magazines. However, i would change the bottom part of the magazine as you cannot see them clearly if it was on a shelf so if people did not like Biffy Clyro, they wouldn't be as enticed to buy it.

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