Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Starting the Front Cover =)

After researching music magazines and getting positive feedback from my surveys, I felt like I had enough research to start creating my music magazine. From what I had gathered, the front cover of a magazine tends to have a big picture with the main artist, so I used the picture I wanted to use for the cover to find my colour scheme. To start with, I need to find a font to use for my magazine. Here are some examples:

These fonts are all different so I decided to put them all in the firing line to be used for my title. I decided to choose the bottom title for my magazine as I felt like the bottom title would appeal to a wider spread of the younger audience which is what I am aiming for. This is what it looked like with the sample font: 

Let's talk about the picture. I specifically took this picture because i had an idea in my head on what i what i wanted my front cover to look like. I had my model look to her top right, as I would have the title there.

. I personally thought this was a good idea as it added my own uniqueness to my front cover. The next task to complete was actually thinking of a main colour scheme to use, as well as a title for my magazine. I decided to use Dark Blue, Orange, & Dark Green. I went for this colour scheme as it the colours on the models jacket are similar, so I decided that it would work better using the same colours. I then needed to think of a title for my indie/rock magazine. I done a survey amongst people in my class to find out the most popular. Here were the choices:

The most popular name was 'Flipside', so going with what my target audience wanted, I decided to stick by the name and it eventually grew on me. So now having a picture, basic colour scheme and a title for my magazine, i could start putting typical conventions on my magazine! 

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