Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The new changes =)

After finishing my first draft, I decided to retrieve some target audience feedback, and the same point kept coming up. My first draft does not really denote a typical indie/rock magazine. So massive changes were needed, however my first draft did come in useful as a style model, all I really done was change colours and the font. Also I needed a new picture as the picture is the most eye catching part of a front cover, and that didn't really show signs of an indie/rock magazine. Here was my first plan, minus a picture as I needed to take some more:

This was a colour scheme I wanted to try out in the beginning of making my magazine, but I left it to one side. The most productive thing that came from this new layout was the title. The title looks so much more effective as having the same text copied twice and having half and half colours on different sides gave it a 3D effect, I was really pleased with it! However, once again relying on my target audience to help me out. They agreed with me on the thought that the red was too bright and 'in your face'. The picture I decided to use gave me the next colour i wanted to try as the background:

I put this picture as my background for my first draft with the new title to see if I was definitely on the right tracks to achieving my goal of creating the perfect front cover for an indie/rock magazine. The only thing that was bad about the picture I wanted to use was the shadow, this is where I got the idea for my new colour scheme.

This is my finished front cover. My new colour scheme turned into Cream, Brown, Orange & White. I have kept the same side stories and free give aways but also added a featured competition which I believe is a good addition to the magazine as it is just as effective as the adverts, being used  as an extra to attract the customers to buy my magazine. I have changed the colour on the title from Black to Orange to follow the new colour scheme. I have also added an extra convention in; a website. I have used the effect 'Drop Shadow' for the text as it stands out a lot more. You can see the effect the drop shadow has on the main story, it makes it bolder. The picture denotes that the magazine is more indie/rock than the previous one. It is also a better picture as the model is looking straight down the camera doing a 'peace' sign which is a message that many bands try to portray in their songs these days. I asked random people in our school who are also in my target audience age group if i could have a few minutes of their time to ask what magazine they would buy. Out of 20 people, 20 people chose this magazine, so it shows that it is a lot more appealing to my target audience.

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