Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Feature Article =)

The feature article is always the story the artist on the front cover has to tell. It is the main story in the magazine, and usually the first thing the buyers read when they open it. The layout has to be just as interesting as the actual content of the text. Here was my first plan for my feature article:

The layout is simple, but effective in my opinion as the fact that the model is in the middle means that the audience will be focused on that straight away, noticing it is the artist they want to read about. The picture is somewhat indie as she has her tongue out and a cardigan around her neck, as if she doesn't give a care in the world. I put the text around the outside as I thought it looks good in the layout. However, this draft lacked actual realism, the article itself does not even look entertaining, so I changed a few things in my improved and feature article:

I have improved the layout of the text by placing it around her instead of straight down the side. I have expressed the colour scheme still, how I want it to be running throughout the magazine, so I added the same effect I had on my title to the feature article with her name and the main quotation, "The break I've been waiting for". I have added some typical conventions to the feature article such as page numbers on the bottom and the magazine website on the bottom right hand side. This all adds to the realism of the magazine. After comparing my first finished feature article to others, I felt like mine looked empty, so i added a border to the article which has made a huge difference in my opinion.

I believe the border adds to the realism and takes away the empty feeling I had about the other article. I changed the layout too as since the feature article is a double page spread, it would of had a big crease down the picture. I moved the picture to the left so it wouldn't be creased as the picture is the main attraction of the feature article. I changed the colour of the text too as it is more visible to read. When we had the audience feedback session, people still believed that the page looked empty and missed typical conventions such as a logo, so I created a logo and changed my feature article. This is my final and finished feature article.

 I believe my feature article looks a lot more filled now. In the bottom left hand corner, you can see the logo I created and placed to satisfy the customers belief in this being a real magazine. I also added the quote "I'm still in shock!" to the article as that is in a line in the actual article, This is used a lot. Overall, I am very pleased with my final outcome.

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