Monday, 14 November 2011

Ancillary Tasks - Digipak

I have took some images which were pretty fun taking as I was using a tree to balance the camera to take pictures at different angles. I have narrowed it down to two pictures which came out really well and portray images for a typical album cover for a solo artist.

Front Cover

This picture is a medium shot which is a moderately used shot on CD covers with close-ups. This was the first picture I took with the camera hanging off the tree. I think it's a very effective picture as the solo artist is looking right down the lens of the camera and the artist is the main focus of the picture. There is no major distractions in the background so the focus won't be dropped. The fact that I am looking straight down the lens of the camera is very effective for the audience as my eyes will possibly catch their attention considering I'm right in the middle of the shot.

Back of Digi-pak

This is a low angle shot which was took with the camera balancing on a rock. I like this shot as it has the artist looking away from the camera as if he is looking to his future. However, this picture seems darker than the image I'm using for my front cover so I touched it up a little..

I prefer this version more as the colours are a lot more solid and lighter. It will make a major difference to the look of my Digi-pak. I will have the contents of the album in the top right of the album with the essential conventions; bar code, trademark information etc running from the bottom left to the right.

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