Monday, 28 November 2011

Music Distribution Company Choices!

I am researching music companies and music stores to have as the bands record label and the main distribution store. The record label plays a massive part in the band/solo artist taking off. It is mainly associated with the band recording the song; sorting out the recording studio. They are responsible for the marketing of the band and also the music videos. Without marketing, no band would be majorly recognised. Since I am trying to make this product as realistic as possible, I am going to analyse record labels.

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Recording Company has signed the likes of Kings of Leon and Franz Ferdinand. Their main priorities are signing indie/rock artists and our song choice (The Kill) is a rock song. For realism, it would be more plausible to use this record label to represent our band however I will still research into more record labels.


Maverick have helped produce the work of The Prodigy on two occasions and UK rock band, Muse on their album 'Showbiz'. It would be a good label to work with, but they are constantly losing artists with lack of communication from the owners since the take over. They haven't really signed any other major stars so this could suggest that their internal affairs with the artist may not be strong or they aren't the best at marketing their own artists. 

Def Jam Recordings

Def Jam have been around for more than quarter of a century and they have signed some of the best artists in the music industry. By looking at their discography, they mainly go for R & B artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Since we're going for a Indie/rock band, this is not the record label we are looking for. 

So the record label we are going to choose is Sony Music Entertainment.


For my music poster, I have decided to use HMV for my music advert since they are the most prolific music store in the UK. They do many varieties of posters ranging from new albums to meet and greets, also known as "Get closer" posters. I have already started creating the poster at this point and now I have decided upon a label, I can finish the rest off!

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