Tuesday, 10 May 2011

EVALUATION - How does your Media product represent particular social groups?

My magazine represents social groups mainly from the story of the main artist. She was a working class girl who worked in a clothing store and had an experience in musical theatre. She rose to fame by winning a singing competition. This article relates to middle class people as the artist previously worked in a clothing store.

My model connotes an indie/rock magazaine which is what I aimed to do. She is wearing a modern, indie top with brown skinnie jeans. The skinnie jeans tends to be worn by indie/rock performers. The statement of leading our own lives has started to give women a chance to wear what they want and express their personalities throughout clothes. The stereotypical divide between men and women has declined over the years. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, the music industry is mainly male orientated, but more and more women are becoming interested in the topic and are playing important roles in magazine distibutors and companies, also editing. My music magazine is aimed towards both genders which goes against the stereotypical views of music magazines being majorly aimed towards men. Doing this will create a wider spread of audience and women could inspire to be like the model on the front cover so they will be most likely swayed into buying the magazine,

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